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A Czech company with a history spanning over 30 years, producing custom-made microwave equipment.

We are a manufacturer of industrial equipment with microwave heating for drying, vulcanization, defrosting, hardening, fusion, recycling, speeding up reactions, gluing and other applications.
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History of the first Czech manufacturer of industrial equipment with microwave heating

1991. Company Establishment

ROMILL was established in 1991 as a limited liability company and took over the projects of the state research institute in two basic fields:

  • technology for feed production (agricultural technology)
  • equipment for industrial microwave heating

First projects

The first projects dealt with the hygienization of food products with a high dry matter content; these include sterilization, pasteurization, enzymatic inactivation and efficient thermo-sensitive drying processes.

A number of other applications from various fields were gradually addressed.
The most important are vulcanization and preheating of rubber, drying of ceramics and chemicals.

2005. Major development of the microwave technology program

ROMILL has extensive experience in the research and development of a significant number of microwave applications for various industries, and is the only company in Central Europe capable of supplying such a large number of applications in so many industrial fields. High-tech, with a few exceptions, develops on an individual basis.
Unique results have been achieved in sterilization, inactivation, heat-sensitive drying, flash bonding and preheating of large rubber blocks.

Customized individual deliveries

A characteristic feature of this technology is that for each new application it is first experimentally verified with what effect, or whether the problem can be solved at all with the application of microwaves. Most MW installations are “customized” individual deliveries made according to a specific process and specific customer requirements.


In 2021, the company split in two divisions. ROMILL is now fully dedicated to microwave heating. At the same time, LANIK HOLDING enters the company and ROMILL becomes part of a strong multinational group.

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