There is virtually no manufacturing industry in the world where microwaves have not made their mark. They are either used as more efficient technologies replacing conventional heating or are acquired to achieve a new quality of processing. At ROMILL, we have extensive experience in the research and development of a significant number of applications in a wide range of industries.

Advantages of microwave heating

High energy efficiency

Due to the high efficiency of the technology, microwaves significantly reduce overall energy costs.

Uniformity of heating

The product is instantly heated evenly throughout its entire volume, making thus the heating process significantly shorter.

Fast water drainage

Thanks to the uniformity of heating, excess water is quickly and efficiently drained from the product.

Production space saving

The microwave equipment is space-saving and saves a lot of space on the production floor.

Speed and time saving

The heating process is very efficient, dramatically reducing heating time and simplifying production planning.

Eco-friendly operation

The technology does not burn and thus does not emit pollutants into the air. Its operation is highly ecological.

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