We are one of the leading suppliers of microwave solutions for industrial use. For our customers who work with ceramics, we significantly save time, speed up drying and help to increase production efficiency.

One of the most important processes in the production of ceramics is drying. As long as there is water between the molecules of the material, there is always a risk of damage from careless handling or further processing. It is not easy to dry ceramics using conventional methods, as there is tension in the material after casting, which can be increased by heating the surface. The second problem is shrinkage, which must be controlled, which is the main reason why conventional drying typically takes tens of hours.

Technical ceramics

Even with microwaves, it is not common for more complex ceramics to be dried to the moisture required for firing. However, the exception is technical ceramics, where microwaves can be used for the entire drying process. The microwave power is evenly distributed throughout the material, allowing to achieve unprecedented drying speeds. What normally takes hours can be reduced to mere minutes with the help of microwaves. Whether you are casting ceramics or pressing them from powder, microwave heating will bring you new possibilities.

TIP: Interested in learning more? Read our case study on how microwaves have significantly sped up the production of ceramic foam filters.


Sanitary ceramics

The microwave technology is mostly used in combination with high pressure presses, where it is used for pre-drying. Microwave pre-drying allows the ceramic shard to be handled quickly, reduces the time required for standing in the free atmosphere and generally speeds up the entire drying process. The secondary effect, however, which has a major effect on cost reduction, is the reduction of rejects.

Refractory ceramics

The conventional drying of bulky kiln lining takes several days. This leads to complex planning and to significant delays, if even a single piece is rejected (scrapped). In addition, the longer the drying time, the higher the energy loss. Microwaving can dry the same product in a fraction of the time it would normally take, thereby significantly increasing planning efficiency and also achieving significant energy savings.

R&D: Microwave firing

In our development department we are constantly trying to find new applications of microwave technology for ceramic materials. One of the possible ways for the future is microwave firing. According to the first tests carried out so far by development teams around the world, the quality of microwave firing appears to be higher than conventional methods. However, we still have some way to go for full deployment in the industry. Will you take it with us?

Benefits of microwaves

Time saving

Minutes instead of days

Improved process control

Homogeneous temperature, real-time process changes


Minimum time, space required and heat losses


Continuity of production

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