We are one of the top suppliers of solutions that will ecologically but very effectively help you with wood processing. Among other things, thanks to the fact that we perfectly understand wood as an industrial material.

We know that wood requires a very delicate approach and any heat treatment is very sensitive. Microwave technology is therefore the perfect solution – it is eco-friendly and, as in other industries, it will help to reduce stress in the material and achieve unusual heating rates. They can be used, for example, for ecological drying or preheating and steaming of wood for further processing.

Wood steaming

Wood conducts heat poorly, making any conventional method of heating time-consuming and thus very inefficient. The more material we work with, the longer and more demanding is the heating process. In the case of steaming for veneer peeling, this process can take days to almost weeks. In a humid environment, microwaves penetrate evenly through the entire material and can shorten the process to as little as 8 minutes.

Read on how we helped our client automate the microwave steaming of beech logs and radically speed up the entire production.


Microwave drying significantly reduces process time, thereby increasing the efficiency of the drying process itself and improving the resulting quality. In the woodworking industry, microwaves are most often deployed where the material has a high added value.


The use of microwave technology in wood gluing is primarily used to speed up curing of the glue. The microwaves act on the entire adhesive layer hidden between the materials to be bonded, helping it to cure faster while maintaining the quality of the bond.

Sterilization and pest control

Sterilization by microwave technology is done due to the action of heat. Pallets or wood intended for packaging in international transport may be sterilized. Less common, but all the more valuable, are applications where microwaves are used to kill pests directly in the wood of historic buildings.

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Benefits of microwaves

Time saving

Minutes instead of days

Improved process control

Homogeneous temperature, real-time process changes


Minimum time, space required and heat losses


Continuity of production

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